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Comprehensive Bat Control Tips For Del Rio Homeowners

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Bats are creatures that popular culture typically portrays as dangerous such as when associating them with vampires. A condition or phobia exists called Chiroptophobia, which is a fear of bats. 

Belonging to the order Chiroptera, bats are the second largest group of mammals that exist throughout the world in more than 1,000 different species—with roughly 30 types found here in Texas.  Although some bat species consume frogs, lizards, and fruit, the majority of the bats in this state primarily eat insects, including mosquitoes, moths, and beetles. In some regions, such as rainforests, bats eat nectar and act as pollinators. 

Bats that consume fruit benefit nature by dispersing seeds that result in the growth of bananas, avocadoes, peaches, and more. Bats play another role in the food chain among birds of prey, including owls, hawks, and falcons. Guano, the waste produced by bats, contains high levels of nitrogen, phosphate, and other nutrients, making it a suitable fertilizer in many applications. 

Depending on the physical environment, bats might roost in caves, trees, or buildings located near sources of food and water. Bats represent both a potential nuisance and a health risk when in areas among humans. 

Are you a local homeowner seeking a provider of bat control services near you? The best course of action begins with contacting professional bat control specialists. An experienced Del Rio pest control professional understands how to control bats and will explain some of the best exclusionary measures that will physically prevent bats from entering your home. 

How To Tell If You Have A Bat Problem On Your Property

In many cases, homeowners often hear bat activity, such as high-pitched squeaking sounds, wing flapping, or scratching. Keep in mind that bats in Del Rio are primarily nocturnal creatures that are most active during the hours around dawn or dusk. You might notice small, black pellet-like waste or detect the smell of ammonia that results from their urine.

Do Bats Carry Rabies?

When bats roost near humans, they often generate annoying sounds and spread excrement that may contain harmful fungal spores that may cause respiratory problems, including histoplasmosis. A small percentage of bats are carriers of rabies, and these bats often demonstrate abnormal behavior, such as being active during the day, moving spastically, or appearing paralyzed. The Texas Department of State Health Services encourages anyone directly exposed to a bat to visit their local health department for rabies testing promptly. This is why bat control in Del Rio is so important.

Five Natural Ways To Deter Bats

Are you looking for a humane bat control solution that will effectively deter these unwanted flying creatures from infiltrating your home?

Consider some of the following tips: 

  1. Inspect the exterior of the property and seal any openings that might allow entry. 
  2. Repair or replace any damaged window screens.
  3. Ensure that chimneys and exterior vents remain covered. 
  4. Some reports suggest mothballs, peppermint, or eucalyptus may repel bats.
  5. Bright lighting will generally deter bats. 

Keep in mind that although the aforementioned best practices are all viable options, they represent exclusively preventative measures that will reduce the likelihood of experiencing a bat intrusion. Property owners in Del Rio with an existing bat problem should consult with an experienced pest control professional for treatment. 

The Most Effective Wildlife Control For Your Property

Federal laws prohibit using insecticides or other chemical formulas to kill bats. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the law prohibits hunting, buying, or selling bats; however, when found inside a structure occupied by humans, they permit moving, trapping, or killing bats. 

The team of specialists with Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio receives the latest training and uses many of the best bat control products available in the residential wildlife control industry today that are both highly effective and eco-friendly solutions.

We will deploy a trained technician to your property who will conduct a detailed inspection and choose the best solution.

Contact us today for a consultation.