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Wind Scorpion Serving Del Rio, Eagle Pass & Surrounding Areas

Wind Scorpion Identification & Prevention

What You Need To Know About Wind Scorpions

Wind scorpions are physically repelling pests that can significantly affect your mental or emotional health. Knowing what attracts them and what you can do to control their spread can help you take back your Del Rio home or business from an invasion. Here's everything you need to know about wind scorpions from the local pest control experts at Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are wind scorpions?

Wind scorpions are a species of arachnid hailing from the Solifugae order. Sometimes referred to as camel spiders or sun spiders, these oddly-shaped pests create an unsettling atmosphere practically everywhere they roam.

You can identify a wind scorpion by:

  • Their extreme speed, which reaches up to 9.9 miles per hour.
  • Their large sizes, which can be five to six inches at adulthood.
  • Their large chelicerae, or mouthparts.

You should know wind scorpions are neither fully spiders nor fully scorpions. However, they do exhibit some qualities of both. By eating small insects and living in dry, arid environments, they remain a unique cross between two types of arachnids. 

Are wind scorpions dangerous?

Unlike spiders and scorpions, wind scorpions are not venomous at all. They don't have any venom glands, fangs, or stingers, although they do possess powerful mouth parts that can pierce the skin of humans.

Just keep in mind that attacks from wind scorpions are exceedingly rare. The vast majority of these creatures would rather be left to their own devices, meaning they much prefer to live their lives in peace. 

Why do I have a wind scorpion problem?

Wind scorpions are a common sight around many southwestern states. Cities such as Del Rio, Texas, for example, are home to thousands of breeding adults. Although these pests primarily look for arid, dry landscapes with plenty of food, you may be inadvertently attracting more wind scorpions to your home by neglecting (or supporting) certain attractant factors.

The presence of secondary pests, for example, is a surefire way to attract more wind scorpions. These pests live a nomadic lifestyle and follow wherever their prey may roam. Other factors, including standing water, thick vegetation, and clutter, may be more difficult to manage without dependable pest control.

Where will I find wind scorpions?

You can find wind scorpions hiding under rocks, trees, and other debris in the yard. Although these pests are quite large and difficult to miss, you're not likely to find them scurrying outside (unless it's late evening or nighttime). 

Inside the home, wind spiders may decide to settle down in quiet areas with plenty of food and water. Basements and crawlspaces are some of the most common places to look, as well as dusty corners and clutter-filled rooms.

How do I get rid of wind scorpions?

Wind scorpions do not pose much of a threat, although their large, unsightly presence is anything but desirable. If you need to get rid of wind scorpions fast, you can contact the professionals at Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio for help.

Gold Star Exterminators is Del Rio's trusted provider of all things wind scorpion control. From management and prevention to maintenance and control, we offer everything you need to defend your property from pests. 

Wind scorpions are not your average pest, but thankfully, we're not your average pest control company. You can let the team at Gold Star Exterminators take control of the situation so you can rest easy in your home again.

Curious to learn more about what pest control in Del Rio entails? We invite you to contact us today to learn more about getting rid of wind scorpions.

How can I prevent wind scorpions in the future?

If you're worried about wind scorpions reappearing around your property, you can use the following preventive measures to prevent their return:

  • Get rid of areas of stagnant water both inside and outside the house. 
  • Trim back excessive vegetation from the sides of your building.
  • Acquire the pest control services of Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio to identify and control pest prey.
  • Clean your property regularly and minimize clutter to limit hiding places. 
  • Seal up cracks and crevices in your home with waterproof caulking.
  • Replace or repair torn screens for doors and windows to keep wind scorpions outside.

These steps should help minimize the chances of wind scorpions moving into your home. If pests make it past your defenses, don't hesitate to call on the experts at Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio. Reach out today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Del Rio.

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