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Uvalde, TX Pest Control

Pest Control In Uvalde, TX

Uvalde is famous to gliding enthusiasts everywhere! It's also home to a wealth of interesting native and exotic animal species, making it a popular place to hunt or observe unique life forms. Between the abundance of white-tailed deer and scenic views, Uvalde is a truly special place to spend your time.

Whether you live or work in Uvalde, you know how amazing of an experience it is to be in this area! Unfortunately, there are also some downsides here, as there are in any wonderful place. One of those unfortunate factors is the presence of pests on your property. 

That's where Gold Star Exterminators comes in to provide you with the Uvalde pest control services you need! Get your home or business back to a pest-free condition with professional help from our local experts. We've built our family owned and operated company on values that lead to the high-quality customer experience you're looking for. 

We're known as a leader in both residential and commercial pest control services due to our commitment to excellence, prompt and professional service, and dedication to reasonable pricing. Since 1979, we've proudly served thousands of satisfied customers, attesting to our ability to earn your return business and referrals at every appointment.

Our experts are here to serve you by going above and beyond, making a positive difference in your quality of life by offering exceptional pest control services in Uvalde and delivering high-quality services promptly. 

If you're looking for honest professionals who always work with their customer's best interests at heart, you've come to the right place. Reach out to us to get started today!

Residential Pest Control In Uvalde

When it comes to residential pest control in Uvalde, excellent service truly is the gold standard! 

We start these services with a thorough inspection of your property. Our technician will greet you and explain the inspection process before they begin. They'll start with the exterior of your property, looking for signs of pest activity, entry points, attractants, and conducive conditions. 

Then, we'll move forward by scheduling our treatment appointment. We'll remind you by call, text, or email before your scheduled treatment. All our home pest control services come with a 30-day warranty, so there won't be any unpleasant surprises regarding ineffective services either. You can rely on our experts to do the job right every time!

Commercial Pest Control In Uvalde

We're proud to be the most trusted company in Uvalde for commercial pest control services that work. We currently offer effective, efficient, convenient, and affordable services for the following types of commercial establishments:

  • Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Healthcare 
  • Daycare
  • Warehouses

If you own a commercial property in Uvalde, Gold Star Exterminators is here to keep it pest-free! We start our quality commercial pest control process with a thorough inspection. We examine the exterior and interior of your property for signs of pest activity, conducive conditions, and access points. Then, we'll treat your property with specialized equipment and effective procedures to eliminate every last pest! 

We don't stop there, either; we'll continue to monitor the conditions of your property to prevent future infestations. Whether you need a one-time or ongoing service plan, we've got you covered. Contact our experienced professionals to get your pest control process started today!

Quality Lawn Services For Uvalde Properties

When you need lawn maintenance services for your property in Uvalde, Gold Star Exterminators is the best company to call! We offer lawn and tree treatment services that eliminate fungus and insects that could compromise the integrity and beauty of your property. 

We start our process with an inspection to identify which fungus or insect issues you're dealing with on your property. Then, we'll explain what we've found and provide you with a quote so that you can decide whether or not to utilize our premier service. When we proceed with the process, we'll provide initial treatment and conduct a follow-up appointment approximately two weeks later. 

Keep your lawn and trees in their best possible condition by relying on these professional services from our local experts. Contact us today to get started on a healthier yard!

Why Mosquito Control Is A Must For Property Owners In Uvalde

When you need effective mosquito control services, Gold Star Exterminators can take care of it! We know how much of a problem nuisance mosquitoes can be and the health hazards they can present to you and those you care about through the potential transmission of diseases. You need someone to do the job right when you need to get rid of mosquitoes. We encourage you to rely on our trusted family-owned company to provide this important service.

We proudly provide monthly maintenance appointments to keep mosquitoes at bay. You can call on us as needed for this service as well and utilize scheduled appointments as you go along. Our effective services yield instant results and provide you with the peace of mind you seek. We offer these services year-round, so you can count on our team whenever you need our help. 

Stop mosquitoes from making your house their home by contacting our local professionals today!

Why Pro Rodent Control Is The Best Solution For Uvalde Homes

When you need the best rodent control services available for homeowners in Uvalde, there's no better company to call than Gold Star Exterminators! We begin the process of getting rid of rodents with a thorough inspection, verifying the type of rodent you're having issues with. Then, we'll provide you with effective treatment options and can use a variety of materials to solve your home's unique rodent problem. 

We'll address entry points to stop rodents from being able to infest your house. Then, we'll set up your chosen treatment and give it time to take effect. We'll follow up every few days for two weeks to make sure the treatment plan is working. After that, if you still see signs of rodent activity, we'll return and keep working until we fully solve the problem.

You can rely on our local, family owned and operated company for reliable rodent control services. We do the job the right way every time. Contact us to schedule your affordable and convenient residential rodent control service with us today!

How To Protect Your Uvalde Yard From Dangerous Ticks

If you're dealing with ticks in Uvalde, it's time to reach out to us for professional help! Ticks aren't just uncomfortable to have around - they can also spread a variety of diseases and cause health problems for you, your loved ones, and your pets. Instead of dealing with ticks and the problems they can potentially cause, make the safe choice by bringing us in to get them out of your yard! 

We'll provide you with the comprehensive tick treatments needed to stop these creepy hitchhikers in their tiny tracks. As a family-owned company, we thoroughly understand why this service is important. 

With our motivation to keep you and your family safe and healthy and our commitment to excellence that doesn't quit, we make sure your yard is free of ticks by the time we finish. Choose to rely on us, and you'll get the dependable results you're looking for from an effective tick control service!

The Best Way To Control Stinging Insects On Your Property In Uvalde

The last thing you want to worry about is being stung by insects while enjoying your yard. Whether it's bees, wasps, or hornets, they're unwelcome on your property. It's more than understandable to want to get rid of them so that you can enjoy your outdoor space.

Here at Gold Star Exterminators, we have the services you need to stop stinging insects in Uvalde in their tracks. We put bees, wasps, and hornets in their place — away from your prized property!

We start the process by verifying the type of stinging insects that are giving you trouble. Then, we see what needs to be done and provide you with a game plan. We'll educate you and provide all the information you need on what we can do to treat the problem. 

Stop stinging insects from ruining your leisure time by contacting our local team of experts today!

Why Fleas In Your Uvalde Home Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

Fleas are notoriously difficult pests to eradicate — for more than one reason! Not only do they reproduce quickly, but the treatments used to eliminate them have to target every stage of their life cycle. So when you need a flea treatment for your property, you need the help of experienced professionals who have the expertise to get the job done in a way that resolves the entire problem. 

Fleas can spread diseases and cause health problems for you, your loved ones, and your beloved pets. Getting rid of every last one of them is the goal, and the best way to do that is with professional services conducted by Gold Star Exterminators! Even though fleas are hard to get rid of, our team of local experts is up for the task. 

We provide comprehensive flea control treatments that eradicate these tiny pest populations in their entirety. We make sure that you know what prep work you need to do in order for us to perform our service so that it is effective, and we'll provide you with all the information you need about the process. 

The best time to have your pets treated for fleas is on the day that we treat your property. That way, the flea problem on your property and on your pets is handled simultaneously, so there's no chance for a reinfestation. If the infestation is significant, we'll provide a 14-day follow-up after treatment to make sure they're gone and won't bother you and your loved ones again.

When you need the job done right, there's no better company to trust than our local, family-operated company here at Gold Star Exterminators!

Uvalde's Guide To Controlling Nuisance Wildlife

When you need wildlife control services in Uvalde that you can depend on, you need professional help from Gold Star Exterminators. Our local, family owned and operated company is here to make your property safe by keeping wildlife at bay. We trap and remove the following types of critters that notoriously frequent properties in Uvalde:

  • Raccoons
  • Possums
  • Stray Animals
  • Porcupines

When you're dealing with wildlife on the premises of your property, our team of local experts is here to help! We'll start the process by showing up in a timely manner to speak with you and see what's going on. We'll conduct an inspection, looking for access points and signs of wildlife. Then, we'll present customized trapping and removal plans to take care of the problem completely and correctly.

Once our service is complete, we'll leave our customers will recommendations for exclusion work to prevent future wildlife issues. That's part of fulfilling our promise to keep our valued customers as safe as possible!

When we place traps on your property, we'll be there every morning after to check them until we resolve your wildlife issues. You can rely on us to restore safety to your property with effective and efficient wildlife control services that work.

Bat Control: What Uvalde Property Owners Need To Know

If you're looking for effective and affordable bat control services in Uvalde, you've come to the right place! Our experts are here to help remove bats from your property in a non-invasive and respectful way.

We start the process by discussing the issues you're experiencing. We verify that bats are entering your property, not another animal, and identify their access points. Then, we'll place netting over these access points that will allow them to leave your structure but won't let them back inside.

We won't take down the netting if it's too soon to tell if it's worked, either. We'll leave it up until we're sure it's done its job and come back for a follow-up appointment approximately 14 days after the initial installation.

We'll also advise you to get any relevant exclusion work done and give you all the information you need to prevent future bat infestations. Getting exclusion work done right will ensure the bats don't return after we remove the netting. That way, you can have the long-lasting results you're looking for.

How Termites Can Destroy Your Home In Uvalde

If you're dealing with termites in Uvalde, we're here to provide you with the termite control services in Uvalde that you need to protect the property you love. If left to their own devices, termites can cause property damage to wooden structures over time. Gold Star Exterminators is here to help prevent that by getting rid of termites in an affordable and effective way.

We begin the process with a thorough termite inspection and provide an honest verdict of how bad the infestation is and how much property damage there is. We'll let you know if you're dealing with subterranean or drywood termites and explain different treatment options accordingly. We'll then provide you with an estimate and start treatment when the time is right!

We guarantee our termite control services for one year after treatment, with an option to extend it up to five years. Reach out to us to get the process started today!

Bed Bug Control Tips For Uvalde Homeowners

You need to conduct bed bug control services in Uvalde very soon after you notice an infestation is at hand! Bed bugs can reproduce rapidly, taking over entire properties in record time. The most important tip for bed bug control in Uvalde is for homeowners to call Gold Star Exterminators if they notice bed bug bites or other signs of bed bugs in their homes.

When you search for signs of bed bugs, the best thing is to look on bedding and mattresses for fecal spots, eggs, eggshells, or molted skins. If you see any of these signs, call Gold Star Exterminators for an inspection right away!

We'll come out and verify whether or not you have a bed bug infestation. Then, we'll explain the entire process for bed bug treatment —what you need to do, what we're going to do, and what the results will be.

We'll provide an initial treatment, then a follow-up treatment 14 days later to complete the job. We'll focus on the problem areas with a more in-depth treatment without neglecting the rest of your home, providing a light treatment throughout the rest of the house.

The last important tip is getting mattress encasements after our treatment. These encasements will go a long way in preventing future bed bug infestations from occurring.

Stop bed bugs in their tiny tracks with professional help from Gold Star Exterminators. Contact us to get the process started today!

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