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How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Del Rio Home And Keep Them Out

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fire ants on a patio

Ants are pests with a body consisting of three distinct segments that include the head, abdomen, and thorax. Appearing in various colors such as black, brown, red, and yellow, ants use their six legs for movement and antennae for sensory detection and communication purposes.  Most ant species have bodies that measure between 1/16 to ½ of an inch in length, making them a type of pest that can also move inside structures through tiny openings. 

Ants typically form large social colonies with thousands of others in a host of outdoor settings. Members of an ant colony generally belong to a specific caste or category, with each group assuming responsibility for supporting the colony in roles including sourcing food, protecting the nest, or reproducing. In relation to humans, most ant species represent a nuisance pest; however, some types may pose health risks and create property damage. 

Have ants invaded your property and become an unmanageable problem? A local company that employs a team of properly trained Del Rio pest control professionals knows how to get rid of ants fast and the best strategies regarding how to deter ants from returning to the premises. 

Common Types Of Ants That Invade Del Rio Homes

Various types of ants exist in this region. Carpenter ants are a unique species that have a large body that appears in shades of red or black and often create residential property damage by burrowing through wood structures.  

Originally found in the Gulf Coast region, Tawny crazy ants have expanded their presence throughout the state, often infesting air conditioners and electrical wiring junction boxes and rapidly displacing other ant species. Odorous house ants are an aptly named species, as they emit a foul odor when crushed. 

Several species of fire ants may invade properties in this region, including southern fire ants, tropical fire ants, and golden fire ants. Although fire ants are among the smallest species, they will deliver a painful sting if they feel threatened. 

The Many Problems Ants Can Cause in Your Home

Ants are one of the most troubling types of pests because their small size allows for infiltrating structures through tiny openings. They emit a trail of pheromone chemicals that others from the colony detect and soon appear in droves.

Some of the problems that ants create indoors include: 

  • Ants will contaminate food, particularly when contained in weak packaging materials within pantries and cupboards. 
  • As they travel, ants may spread bacteria and health-related problems such as E.coli, salmonellosis, staphylococcus, and other concerns. 
  • Some people have significant allergic reactions after experiencing a venomous sting from fire ants and other species.
  • Certain types of ants can cause damage to the structure of your home, such as carpenter ants.

After discovering a group of ants indoors, homeowners should thoroughly clean the surface and surrounding areas. Eradicating the traces of pheromone chemicals from the site makes it much less likely that these pests will return to that location. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation Fast

Are you wondering how to control ants around the house? Once members of an ant colony enter a home, they become difficult to eliminate. In these instances, homeowners should consult with a local pest control professional.  

Practical Tips To Prevent Future Ant Problems In Your Home

Property owners in this region should apply the best practices for how to prevent ants from invading the home. The two primary strategies involve limiting entry points to the home and access to food. Inspect exterior areas and use weatherstripping, sealant, and door sweeps where needed. Adopt excellent cleaning habits by regularly sweeping up crumbs and wiping down counters. These ant prevention tips can make a difference, but the best way to go is still expert pest control

The professionals with Gold Star Exterminators use many of the latest products and treatment methods for eliminating ants and many other troublesome pests.

Contact our office today for a detailed inspection and estimate. Ant control in Del Rio is a must, so get started sooner rather than later.