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How Do Flea Infestations In Del Rio Start?

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Close up of a flea on human hair

Have you ever seen a flea? There's a good chance you've never seen them, but you've probably been near them. Fleas are tiny pests that are difficult to spot, but they are much more prevalent than most people know. You can have a flea infestation even if you don't have any pets in your household. While fleas are parasites that only live on the fur of animals, they can bite people, too. These pests often infest homes and live in carpets where they jump up to bite your feet and ankles.

Fleas in Del Rio are also potentially dangerous, so it's wise to learn how to prevent them. This guide has all the information you need about how flea problems start and how to keep them out.

Fleas Like Pets

Fleas can infest almost anywhere, even if you've never had a pet inside your home. But, if you are a pet owner, your odds of a flea infestation are higher. Fleas can pass from one pet to another, and dogs and cats commonly get these obnoxious parasites. The most common flea species in the area is the cat flea, although they can also live on dogs.

If you have beloved furry friends, work with a vet to protect them. Fleas put your pets at risk, and one of the first signs of a flea infestation is seeing your pet scratching and biting at their fur constantly.

Rodents Can Carry Fleas

Rodents like mice and rats have fleas frequently. These rodents are also prevalent pest invaders; when they get inside, they bring parasites with them. All residents need to know that fleas can enter their Del Rio homes on the backs of pests. 

The fleas rodents carry can transmit diseases such as murine typhus and the bubonic plague, while rodents can spread salmonella and hantavirus. With these risks, it's crucial to prevent fleas and rodents from invading to protect yourself and your family.

What To Do About A Flea Infestation

If fleas are inside your home, you're likely wondering how to remove them. You can attempt DIY remedies with store products, but these aren't generally effective. Del Rio pest control services are the simplest way to remove a flea infestation. At Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio, we offer flea removal services.

How To Prevent Fleas

Del Rio flea control services are the simplest way to deal with flea problems. Our team at Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio offers ongoing home pest control plans that will address fleas and rodents, as this is the most effective way to keep your Del Rio home safe from pests.

We also suggest following a few flea prevention tips:

  • Vacuum regularly to remove any errant fleas on your floors. 
  • Keep your pets flea-protected.
  • Reduce the clutter around your yard and home to deter wildlife and rodents.
  • Inspect secondhand items for signs of fleas before purchasing, like appliances, furniture, and carpets. 

If you have any questions about these flea prevention steps, our experts can help.

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