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What To Do About A Fire Ant Infestation Around Your Del Rio Home

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fire ant hill in a lawn

Pest control in Del Rio isn’t complete if it doesn’t include fire ant control. With the comparatively short and mild winters here in West Texas, there’s not much that keeps fire ant populations under control in our area. That means the bulk of the work falls to you as a homeowner, and you’ll need to take fire ant control seriously. Not doing so could land you with a bunch of painful stings and could even lead to anaphylaxis in allergic individuals. 

How To Tell If You Have A Fire Ant Problem Around Your Home

Typically, if you have fire ants, you will know it. Fire ant mounds are some of the largest anthills in the country. These ants build huge mounds of dirt over their complex and often massive underground nests. 

Fire ant mounds can be up to a couple of feet in diameter and up to a foot high. But you won’t see a big hole on top of these mounds of dirt. This is because fire ants enter their nests from the side, unlike most other ant species in our area. So if you start seeing a bunch of giant mounds of dirt popping up all over your yard without much explanation, you should think fire ants. 

Why Fire Ant Infestations Are Worse Than Other Ant Infestations

Fire ants are hornets without wings. When their nests are threatened – or even when they just perceive a threat – they swarm like hornets, ready to defend their home. And, just like hornets, fire ants can inflict a painful sting. 

Fire ants cannot fly, so they can’t chase you as hornets can, but it’s easier than you’d think to wind up ticking off a bed of fire ants. For instance, digging around in your garden, you can easily reach into an unseen fire ant nest. You might also accidentally step on or stand in one while out in your backyard – you might only realize it when you start feeling the stings. This aggression is why fire ants in Del Rio are much worse than other ant species. 

The Best Way To Completely Get Rid Of A Fire Ant Infestation

The best fire ant treatment in Del Rio is professional ant control. You might see hardware or grocery stores touting treatments like fire ant granules or fire ant repellent sprays. Still, these ant control solutions typically cause fire ants to move to different locations around your property instead of truly killing them. What’s worse is these store-bought products may not be guaranteed to be safe for pets and or kids. 

The only way to get guaranteed safe and effective fire ant control is to contact the pros. Here at Gold Star Exterminators, our pest control techs are experts in all pests endemic to the Del Rio area, and fire ants are no exception. Our experts have the tools and techniques to ensure all your fire ant problems are eliminated for good. 

Five Naturally Effective Tips To Prevent Future Fire Ant Problems

The good news is there are a lot of natural solutions to help prevent fire ants – and all ants, for that matter:

  • Cover all trash cans with tight lids. 
  • Don’t leave attractants like outdoor pet foods sitting outside. 
  • Take care of moisture issues like leaky irrigation pipes.
  • Plant insect-repelling plants like lavender, rosemary, and mint.
  • Have a regular professional pest control treatment plan. 

Unfortunately, ants are one of those pests you can’t deal with entirely alone. The good news is that we’re equipped to keep you ant-free all summer here at Gold Star Exterminators.

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