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The Ultimate Guide To Mosquito Control: Tips And Tricks For Your Del Rio Property

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a mosquito crawling on human skin

Mosquitoes are an all too prevalent pest in Del Rio. Everyone is used to scratching and swatting, but few seem to understand that these pests aren't an inevitability and can be kept at bay. Read below if you're among the countless homeowners who want to learn about effective pest control in Del Rio.

Gold Star Exterminators- Del Rio are local pest control and management leaders. We've written this guide to help people like you protect your property from these pests and give you peace of mind. Here's what you need to know about mosquito prevention to keep yourself safe.

Mosquito Or Not? How To Identify Them At A Glance

Mosquitoes in Del Rio are sometimes confused with other flying insects, especially when viewed from a distance.

So, if you get a closer view, look for physical traits:

  • Two wings
  • Six very narrow legs
  • Long proboscis for blood-feeding
  • Two antennae 

Of course, mosquitoes are pretty small (around 1/8 an inch on average), so don't expect to notice these things from afar. Of course, if a mosquito gets up close, your instinct will likely be to squash it. We don't expect homeowners to perform long, protracted studies of the pests on their property.

And that's okay. When a Gold Star Exterminator inspects your property, we'll identify the exact pests you're dealing with so we can enact a treatment plan that works best for your situation. Call us today to request a free inspection.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases: How These Insects Pose A Serious Danger

Mosquitoes are well known for spreading dangerous diseases and parasites around the world. While these diseases are quite serious, they are rare in the United States. Still, that's no reason to take chances and all the more reason to get professional mosquito control in Del-Rio. A list of diseases spread by mosquitoes includes Zika, Dengue, West Nile, and yellow fever.

You can keep yourself and your family safe from various pest problems with professional extermination services from Gold Star Exterminators. We provide one-time and recurring treatments to fit any schedule.

Prevention Is Key: Tips And Tricks To Deter Mosquitoes

Prevention is the cornerstone of any pest control program. When it comes to mosquitoes, this means making your property difficult for them to inhabit long-term.

Here are some simple ways you can keep mosquitoes away from your home:

  • Remove or cover standing water from your yard. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water.
  • Repair holes in your window screens and seal gaps around your doors to keep mosquitoes outside. 
  • If you have a garden, grow herbs that repel mosquitoes, such as lemongrass, catnip, and mint. 
  • Run fans indoors to create wind currents too strong for mosquitoes to navigate. 

When a Gold Star Exterminators technician works with you, you get the full breadth of their experience and knowledge. We'll show you what factors on your property attract pests and the changes you can make to push them away. It's how we help customers achieve pest-free living.

Pro Mosquito Control: Regular Maintenance And Long-Term Prevention

Mosquito control isn't as easy as buying some products or setting traps. It requires knowledge and expertise that most homeowners simply don't have. But that's why Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio is here.

Since 1979 we've served Del Rio and the surrounding area with unparalleled pest control and customer service. We work with every customer to build the treatment plan they feel is right for them and address their most pressing concerns.

Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Del Rio and start living a pest-free life!