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A Helpful Guide To Effective Scorpion Prevention And Control For Del Rio Homes

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You are not alone if you would rather avoid having scorpions in your house. These pests can be dangerous because of their venomous stings and the fact that they can hide in dark corners, making the risk of accidental encounters pretty likely.

If these unwanted arachnids are calling your property home, read on to learn how to identify the most common types, understand the health risks involved in scorpion infestations, and discover six simple and successful prevention tips you can use anytime.

And if you need to eliminate them, Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio provides pest control in Del Rio that is safe and dependable.

How To Identify Common Types Of Scorpions

Several common types of scorpions in Del Rio could end up in your house.

Here are the main ones to look for:

  • The striped bark scorpion: One of the most prevalent species, this one typically is about two to three inches long and light brown or tan with two dark stripes running along its back.
  • The giant hairy scorpion: As its name indicates, it can reach lengths up to five inches. It has a dark brown or black color with a fuzzy appearance.
  • The desert hairy scorpion: Another species found in the area, this one has a lighter tan color with dense hairs on its body and legs.

There are many other species in the Del Rio area. The safest way to identify scorpions in Texas homes is to contact the pros who know how to avoid getting stung and can prevent you from the other health risks these invaders can pose.

Health Risks Of Scorpion Infestations

Scorpion infestations don't sound fun as a baseline, but did you know they pose significant health risks? One of the main issues is the venomous sting they can deliver when threatened or provoked, which can cause anything from temporary pain to severe allergic reactions.

On top of that, some South Texas scorpions sometimes carry bacteria and parasites they can transmit through their feces or contaminated surfaces as they crawl through your house.

And finally, having scorpions in the house can cause anxiety, sleep deprivation, and more. Fortunately, there are strategies to keep them at bay, including the following six prevention tips.

Six Simple And Successful Scorpion Prevention Tips

The following six simple and successful tips can help prevent scorpion infestations in your home:

  1. Seal all cracks in your home's exterior: By removing access points, including around windows, doors, and foundations, you will make it more challenging for scorpions to invade.
  2. Keep your yard tidy: Remove any unnecessary debris, piles of wood, and rocks you can find, as they can provide hiding spots for groups of scorpions and other pests.
  3. Trim vegetation: Plants and shrubs near your home can serve as potential entry points as scorpions can hide in them before coming in or even use them as bridges.
  4. Install screens: Consider fitting screens on windows and doors, and check regularly to ensure they are intact and free of holes.
  5. Declutter: Keeping your home with minimal clutter will minimize hiding spots.
  6. Adjust your lighting: Generally, yellow outdoor lighting instead of white is less attractive to scorpions.

These preventive measures can significantly reduce the likelihood of scorpions invading your home, protecting you and your family from potential health risks. However, there are times when you may need professional help.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Scorpions And Keep Them Away

If you are dealing with these stinging pests and want to get rid of scorpions for good, a combination of prevention tips and professional treatments is the most effective approach.

Our Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio experts can help you spot areas where they might hide and create an inhospitable habitat to discourage them from taking over.

Call us at 830-490-1566 today or click here to learn more about our comprehensive and systematic approach to home pest control in Del Rio and our many strategies to prevent future reoccurrences. Let's get started!