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What Del Rio Residents Need To Know About Summer Mosquitoes

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mosquito biting human skin

The relentless torment of mosquitoes around your property can quickly turn the serenity of outdoor living into misery. These pesky insects seem to possess an insatiable thirst for blood, making any attempt to enjoy a peaceful evening in your yard a seemingly impossible feat. Their high-pitched whining serves as a constant reminder of their unwelcome arrival, while their itchy bites become unwanted souvenirs of every attempt to step outside.

Whether it's hosting a barbecue, tending to the garden, or simply basking in the fresh air, the ever-present swarm of mosquitoes can make even the most inviting outdoor spaces feel like hostile territory. As the daylight fades, the onslaught only intensifies, prompting you to seek refuge indoors and longing for a solution to reclaim your property from these relentless tormentors. 

Fortunately, Gold Star Exterminators- Del Rio believes that you shouldn't have to sacrifice another summer staying inside to escape these biting insects. We offer the most advanced and effective mosquito control in Del Rio to reestablish the comfort and tranquility of your outdoor spaces. Continue reading to learn more about mosquitoes and why professionals are an asset in obliterating them.

Mosquitoes: More Than Just A Nuisance

It's bad enough that mosquitoes are annoying, but they can pose a considerable danger to people and pets. As notorious disease-spreaders, they can transmit some rather dreadful illnesses, including malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, and West Nile virus. Millions of people worldwide suffer from mosquito-borne diseases, with many cases resulting in severe complications and even fatalities.

Beyond human health, these insects also impact the ecosystem as essential pollinators and a significant food source for various animals, including birds and fish. Their widespread presence and rapid reproduction make them challenging to control, amplifying the risks they pose to global health and ecological balance.

If you've been struggling with how to keep mosquitoes away, get in touch with your local pest control specialists for further assistance.

How Long Does Mosquito Season Last Around Del Rio?

Mosquito season in Texas typically extends from early spring to late fall, spanning a significant portion of the year. The warmer climate and favorable breeding conditions in the state contribute to the prolonged presence of these insects. Mosquito activity tends to peak during the hot and humid summer months when the weather provides optimal conditions for their breeding and proliferation. 

However, in certain parts of Texas, where winters are relatively mild, mosquitoes can remain active even during the colder months, leading to an extended season. Due to the long duration of mosquito season in our area, it’s essential to consistently implement effective prevention and control measures to minimize the risks of mosquito-borne diseases and maintain a comfortable outdoor environment throughout the year.

Give our team at Gold Star Exterminators- Del Rio a call for the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes around your property.

What To Do If You're Sick Of Buzzing And Biting In Del Rio

Nothing is more irritating than dealing with buzzing mosquitoes on your property that disrupt your peaceful living.

Fortunately, there are some proactive measures you can take to avoid getting those dreaded mosquito bites, which include:

  • Drain any standing water
  • Install fitted screens on doors and windows
  • Apply insect repellents containing picaridin or DEET
  • Use outdoor fans
  • Wear protective clothing that covers up most of your skin

For additional tips or to schedule a treatment service, consult with reputable pest experts in your area.

The Best Way To Minimize Mosquito Activity Around Your Del Rio Home

Nothing beats the ultimate protection professionals can provide to keep your family safe against mosquitoes. At Gold Star Exterminators- Del Rio, our certified technicians only use professional-grade mosquito treatments and effective techniques to ensure that we eliminate these insects at every stage of their life cycle.

If you're ready to receive much-needed relief, reach out to us today to request your free estimate!