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Are You Having A Hard Time With Bed Bugs In Del Rio?

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The existence of bed bugs can be traced back thousands of years. They require human blood to survive, although there is no evidence that they transmit disease to people. Bed bug bites can cause an allergic reaction in certain people. It is not easy to get rid of an infestation of bed bugs, but there are things you can do to bring the situation under control in the meantime. Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio provides quality Del Rio Pest Control if you have any reason to believe that you have a problem with bed bugs. 

The Lifecycle Of The Del Rio Bed Bug

Bed bugs hatch from grainy, milky-white eggs. Female bed bugs lay one to five eggs daily and 500 in their lifetime. Single or clustered eggs are laid in fissures or cracks, and each egg is about the size of two grains of salt. Within two weeks, the eggs hatch, and the bed bugs begin to eat.

Nymphs are young bed bugs that mature in about five weeks and are tiny and translucent or whitish. Bed bug nymphs need blood in order to molt, which they will do five times before reaching adulthood. 

Once mature, bed bugs feed once a week. Bed bugs in Del Rio can survive anywhere from four months to more than a year, and some can go a year without eating, depending on temperature and food availability.

What's It Like To Live With A Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs aren't just annoying; they also cause worry and tension. While bed bugs aren't known to transmit any diseases to humans, they can cause itchy bites and interrupted sleep. Scratching too much can cause secondary skin infections, especially if the itching is severe. Bed bugs are nocturnal and feed at night. Most people don't realize they've been bitten until they wake up with a line of bite marks.

Your bedding has blood stains. Bed bug excrement can be found on sheets, mattresses, bed clothes, and walls. Bed bug excrement, egg shells, and shed skins are hidden. Bug scent glands smell musty. Contact a bed bug pest control company near you if you suspect an infestation.

Five Simple Ways To Keep The Bed Bugs Away

You may lessen the likelihood of getting bitten by bed bugs while you sleep and prevent them from entering your bed by taking a few preventive measures:

  1. A quick and low-cost strategy to prevent bed bugs from biting you every night where you sleep is to regularly wash your bed sheets, blankets, and other bedding items in hot water. To get rid of all nymphs and adult bed bugs, wash your bed sheets and other bedding in hot water at least once a week.
  2. You can quickly reduce the number of visible adult bed bugs on the surface by vacuuming your mattress and bed frames.
  3. Bed bugs are also regularly found hiding in items stored under your bed. Ensure you are not storing items beneath your bed to provide them with quiet places frequently missed throughout the cleaning process.
  4. When returning home from a trip, frequent travelers must wash and dry their clothing at the maximum heat setting possible.
  5. Without consulting experts, bed bug infestations can be nearly impossible to eradicate on your own. This is primarily because bed bugs are tiny and conceal themselves in numerous hard-to-reach places, making it challenging to find and get rid of them. 

Get in touch with Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio for bed bug control in Del Rio to eradicate them permanently.

Permanent Bed Bug Removal Made Easy In Del Rio 

Bed bugs are a problem that must be dealt with effectively. Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio offers local pest control for bed bugs. Our highly trained and experienced professionals will inspect your property at each visit to ensure the greatest results.

Gold Star Exterminators - Del Rio is the best bed bug pest control near you and we've been exterminating bed bugs since 1979. Thousands of pleased clients have benefited from our professional bed bug elimination in southern Texas. We know how to eliminate bed bugs from residential and commercial buildings, including yours.

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