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FAQs About The Fleas In Del Rio (Gold Star Exterminators)

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a flea jumping on human skin

Fleas are a common issue for Del Rio homeowners, and this parasite doesn’t care if you have pets or not. Fleas can travel by simply affixing themselves to pets, rodents, personal belongings, and used furniture, and get carried right into homes seamlessly. Flea problems can be very dangerous for household pets as well as people and they can be even more difficult to eliminate once they appear. Luckily, pest control in Del Rio from Gold Star Exterminators can help address these issues. We present this guide to you in hopes of preventing future issues and preparing you for the ones that might arise.

Identifying A Flea Infestation

Fleas in Del Rio are so small that they are nearly invisible without the help of a magnifying glass. They usually live amidst upholstered items, drapes, carpets, and pet bedding, which makes them even more difficult to identify.

That said, here are a few signs of a flea infestation:

  • Cats and dogs with excessive scratching
  • Finding eggshells and eggs around the house 
  • Finding fleas on pets
  • Hives, flea bites, and rashes, particularly around the ankles for people
  • Signs of flea dirt, which is flea feces that is red because it consumes blood

For homeowners who notice any of the aforementioned signs, the wisest call to make is to Gold Star Exterminators. For more information on flea elimination, please call us today.

Do Fleas Need A Host To Survive?

As a parasite, it’s a flea's main objective to find a host to feed off of because they require blood to survive. Rodents, wildlife, cats, and dogs all make ideal hosts for fleas because they provide a reliable supply of blood and are not capable of easily shaking off the fleas that plague them. Fleas can begin feeding within five minutes of latching onto a host and then they can begin the breeding process. The average flea can lay more than four eggs after each time they’ve eaten. Having access to a host is also part of what is responsible for keeping flea infestations afloat.

Can Fleas Get Stuck In Your Skin?

Fleas are known for their ability to latch onto a host and feed for a consecutive two hours once they’ve done so. They are particularly difficult to get out of a pet’s skin; however, they are significantly easier to remove from people. In most cases, fleas don’t necessarily get stuck in your skin, but they do attach to your ankles or arms while they’re attempting to feed. If you do notice a flea feeding off of your body, it’s important to remove them immediately and entirely with a sanitized tweezer. In the worst instances, fleas can burrow into your skin, which can lead to tungiasis; however, this is not a significant issue in the Del Rio area.

Get Professional Help For Flea Control In Del Rio

The most effective way to address fleas in Del Rio properties is with professional flea control in Del Rio from Gold Star Exterminators. We have been working with local homeowners and businesses to eliminate and prevent flea issues since 1979 and we continue to provide exemplary service to this day. The technicians we hire receive ongoing training so that we are always able to deliver the most up-to-date flea treatments to address your issue.

This service begins with a home assessment so that we can locate the source of fleas and where they might be laying eggs. From there we provide a checklist of preparations that our customers need to make prior to treatment. After we’ve performed the treatment, we’ll check back in two weeks and monitor the property for a full 30 days while also providing a 60-day guarantee.

For more information on our residential and commercial pest control services in Del Rio, please click here or call us at 830-490-1566 today.