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How To Prevent Ants Getting Inside Your Del Rio Home This Year

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Ants are highly resourceful colony insects that can live almost anywhere. They are very resourceful, and their small size allows them to adapt to almost any habitat. They are highly organized in their socialization and communicate well with one another. Ants tend to explore the entirety of their area and communicate with chemical signals. If an ant finds a food source or a great place to live, it will alert the whole ant colony, and they will all come running.

Pest control in Del Rio, TX requires professionals if you want the best results. Gold Star Exterminator professionals have extensive experience with ant pest control. Call us today at 830-490-1566. We know how to get rid of ants permanently. 

Why Ants Are A Major Problem Around Del Rio In Spring

Ants are colony-building insects. Once they decide to move in, they situate their nest in quiet, hard-to-reach areas. They then explore the entirety of your house. Ants can infest and contaminate your food sources. Ants can also damage electronic equipment. Some ants are venomous, and they can deliver painful stings that can cause severe allergic reactions. Ant infestations are difficult to treat using DIY methods, and most ants are situated behind walls. Finally, carpenter ants have a nasty habit of destroying structural wood, which can lead to expensive repairs. Ants are the most active in the spring.

If you have an ant infestation, you need to call Gold Star exterminators and fast. We know ant control in Del Rio, and we can assist you with all of your ant control solutions.

Ant Prevention Tips Every Del Rio Homeowner Should Know

Given that ant infestations can be serious, here are some ant prevention tips that can help you minimize your chances of having to deal with them:

  • Seal garbage cans. Leaving garbage open outside can draw many types of pests, including ants. Seal garbage tightly in order to discourage pests.
  • Clean your yard. Clutter provides many places for pests and ants to hide. Cleaning it up discourages pests from coming.
  • Seal your home. Bugs exploit openings in your house to come inside. Ants, being small, are especially good at it. Seal your home well to keep bugs out.
  • Keep a clean house. Keep all inside food stored well, and clean your floors and carpets frequently. Doing so discourages pests from coming inside.

These tips can help you decrease the chances of ants moving into your home, but can’t guarantee it. If ants come in, Gold Star Exterminators want to come over so that we can help you get them back out again. Call us immediately at 830-490-1566 or click here to get started. Our seasoned professionals have an extended history of eliminating pest infestations.

Challenges Of DIY Ant Control In Del Rio

Ants tend to locate their colonies behind walls and between floors. They like to situate themselves in quiet, out-of-the-way places. Because of this, direct approaches to ant control are difficult. Ants tend to explore individually, and thus it can be challenging to use bait traps. You might get some of the ants, but the chances of getting all of them with DIY pest control methods are slim. Further, unless the conditions in your home that drew ants in the first place are addressed, you can expect to see them again.

Don’t try to get rid of ant infestations on your own. Gold Star Exterminators know how to help. Contact us today, and let us help you.

Call The Professionals For Total Ant Elimination Today!

Ant control near you requires skill and experience to ensure success. If you need help with ant control today, Gold Star Exterminators can help.

Call us at 830-490-1566 or click here, and let our years of experience benefit you.