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The Most Common Household Pests In Del Rio And How To Keep Them Away

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Del Rio Residents have to always be on high alert for invading pests. Several types of dangerous and destructive animals can sneak into your home and try to take it over. 

At Gold Star Exterminators, our rodent exterminators in Del Rio have years of experience dealing with various pests. From dangerous rodents to occasional invaders, we know how to handle any type of pest that comes into your home.

Top Pest Threats For Area Homes

Del Rio has a warm and humid climate throughout the year, making it the perfect destination for several home-invading pests. Some of the most common creatures our local pest control technicians run into when inspecting homes in this area include rodents, termites, spiders, bed bugs, and scorpions.

The common home-invading pests in this area can be both dangerous and destructive. Some of the pests are known to be social animals, which means that they prefer to live in large groups. For rodents, roaches, and other social pests, when you see one in your home, there is likely more hiding somewhere. 

The Many Problems Pests Can Create In A Home

When our pest control service technicians inspect a home, they can find different types of damage to the house and other areas of their property. However, some pests don't cause any damage to your home. Instead, they spread dangerous diseases and harmful pathogens.

Here is a look at some of the problems that different pests can leave in your home:

  • Ants: These small creatures can contaminate your food with a variety of pathogens that could cause you to contract serious illnesses, like salmonellosis and E. coli infections. Carpenter ants are also common in this area and are capable of causing damage to the wooden structures of your home.
  • Rodents: Rats and mice will sneak into your home and chew on your clothes, food packages, walls, cabinets, and anything else that they can get a hold of. They can also spread dangerous diseases like hantavirus, tularemia, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis.
  • Termites: These tiny insects can live in colonies that contain over a million termites. They stay active all year, and large colonies can consume one to two pounds of wood daily. 

Many types of cockroaches are also in this area. These pests are capable of causing severe illnesses in people and pets. A qualified pest control company can help you identify and eliminate any pest in your house and also offers pet-friendly pest control.

Proactive Prevention Is Essential For Keeping Pests Away

Many pests can squeeze through small openings less than an inch wide. If you see any gaps or cracks around your home, seal them with caulking or another permanent sealant as soon as possible. Another great way to keep all pests away is to team up with a pest control company near you. An experienced professional can inspect your home and develop a customized prevention plan to address your specific needs. 

Professional Pest Control Offers Lasting Protections For your Home

A professional pest control service will not only help you eliminate the pests inside your home, but they can also set up regular inspections to ensure that your home stays pest-free forever. If you are looking for comprehensive pest control in Del Rio, Texas, look no further than Gold Star Exterminators. Our experienced team can keep your home pest-free forever.

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